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Hosted Telecommunications:
BVS - Basic Voice Solution
CVI - Converged Voice and Internet
IVI - Intelligent Voice and Internet


Hosted Telecommunications

No Hardware to Purchase
No Hardware to Maintain
No Need to Hire an IT Person to Program and Manage the Phone System
24/7 Support which is only a 4-digit Phone Call Away
Secure Internet Access
Enterprise-Grade Business Features
Single Vendor Relationship for Voice and Internet Communications
QNET Services offers complete, end-to-end management of your telecommunications infrastructure. What this means to your business is that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, industry experts in IT, networks, telecommunications, and security are monitoring and managing your most vital communications backbone. Using industry-best tools and proven methodologies, our experts anticipate issues, and identify and resolve potential problems, often before they even surface.
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Immediately cut your telecommunications costs while radically improving the way you do business - without capital expense. QNET Services completely manages your phone features and interoperability plus adds a central customer services department available only to QNET Services Subscribers.
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Enhanced Voicemail provides convenient access to voice, email and fax messages from phones or computers, so employees can collaborate to make faster, better decisions, and improve customer service.
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  Basic Voice Solution

Create a virtual phone system for your business and remote offices without the overhead of an expensive PBX purchase.
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  Converged Voice and Internet

This service offers subscribers access to a private network topology with converged voice and internet access. Thus, eliminating the problems (pro ... . .. .blem ... s) associated with public internet connectivity.
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  Intelligent Voice and Internet

This premier service provides intelligent Enterprise-Class features, efficiencies and expandability for those organizations with 5 to 100+ employees.
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